Now Confusion, Chaos, and Distortions Are All Coming to LIGHT

I promised to share with you my musings on this powerful time we are in and how you can bring yourself to better balance and harmony. It seems that confusion, chaos and distortions are all coming to LIGHT and as more LIGHT pours in, we create more LIGHT among us, we continue to raise our frequencies and the frequency of our planet—all kinds of corrections and transformations are in play! So many of us are feeling the uplifting ascending energies and then the old energies that seek to stop the ascending ones! It's a huge 'push me-pull you' sense--but we CAN keep our balance! I promise!

We have now begun the astrological new year: the Sun is in Aries, this last New Moon was in Aries and dancing between Eris (the Goddess of Discord) and Uranus (the God of Freedom, surprise, sudden changes & revolution.) Uranus will not be connecting to an Aries New Moon for 84 more years! Mercury is finally direct, although will not be out of its shadow until May 3. And yesterday (April 19th ) Chiron, the 'wounded healer' moved from Pisces into Aries for a 7 year cycle. We do have the whole month to adjust — so B-R-E-A-T-H-E -- a whole month to set up goals and intentions for the coming year.

Astrological wisdom from Laura Walker and Andrew Foss “The events of  the Sun-Uranus conduction will have long-lasting effects and results. Make your own mark.’ And: ‘Chiron was a Master. Chiron's entry into Aries… signals the return of The Master. The energy is fresh, vitalized, and helps us master ourselves and the conditions of our planet… Chiron is the wisest teacher. And wisdom is what saves the day and enables us to regain "a lost opportunity" this year.’  And in Laura Walker’s April 18th report she points out: 'Mars-Black Moon brings things up from the depths into the light, and this is a good thing. How about "a Truth Flag flies for the Second Renaissance of humanity?”

Many LightWorkers are feeling the pain—not only of what are actual ‘ascension symptoms’ that we are feeling physically as we continue to transform, but also wondering about the ‘self-sacrifice’ and losses so many have experienced in recent years. I SEE you. Allow me to use the words of Mahatma Gandhi:
“I offer you peace. I offer you love. I offer you friendship. I see your beauty. I hear your need. I feel your feelings. My wisdom flows from the highest Source. I salute that Source in you. Let us work together. For unity and peace.” And may we offer these words to one another.

Some say that we are all just responsible for ourselves—that simply releasing, letting go of what no longer serves you & learning how to unconditionally love your SELF is all that we need to do. It is true that until we can LOVE ourselves unconditionally, we cannot really LOVE anyone else unconditionally. So of course, this is an important practice —and it DOES take practice! 

Yet I agree with Kauilapele when he says in his 4-18-18 Message The Lightworkers, Why WE are here right now: “We can ‘Hold the Light’ for the planet and be a Light Bearer for those who may not yet be tooled to do so… we are here to do, right now… Hold the Light!… for ourselves, for the planet, and for each other.

One of the best ways to keep yourself together is to meditate. And one of the best ways to connect energetically, in unity and peace, with others to serve and raise the frequency of the planet and one another, is to participate in Mass Meditations.
To assist you with this, an international group of LightWorkers, all volunteers, have been collaborating, cooperating and creating meditations for many different purposes and needs, that have guided audios with beautiful music.
They are translated into many languages, and synchronized, so that people all over the world can join together in energetic intention, no matter if you have practiced meditation a long time or are brand new to it.

You can find links to the meditations that work best for you, time conversion charts for time zones around the world, and the event links (with explanations) for special meditations that are called for at different times and for those that are regularly scheduled here:
We Love Mass Meditation Active Meditations Page

Yes, there has been much chaos and distortion in the many thousands of years that the dark forces have held control over the earth. Many of us have long been aware how the dark forces took ancient symbols and rituals and distorted them. Another distortion many of you have heard of and are familiar with:
the alteration in musical frequency.

We know instruments from various religions and cultures in the ancient world were found to be tuned to the 432 hz musical scale. In the latter 1800’s (some say in 1885) some European countries decided that A at 440 hz had to be the ‘standard’ tuning, although there was disagreement.
It is said that the Nazi propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels dictated the use of 440 hz to change the way that people thought and felt. The American Federation of Musicians had already accepted the use of A 440 hz as standard pitch in 1917, the USA promoted it worldwide around 1940, and finally, in 1953, it became the ISO 16 (International Organization for Standardization) standard. 

Yet, as we came closer and closer to the Pachakuti, or Shift of the Ages (that ‘officially’ began at the solstice of December 2012) more and more people became aware of this distortion in frequency and began to use the 432 hz tuning. It has made a tremendous difference in human consciousness.
For this reason, all the music for the synchronized global meditations done by cooperating groups worldwide, like We Love Mass Meditation and Prepare for Change are tuned at 432 hz.

Another distortion you may not have considered is the one in the colors that we use. A prime example of this the original Peace Banner of Nicholas Roerich, a world-renowned artist, archaeologist, author, scholar, lecturer, costume and set designer, poet, mystic and explorer, who through his life, writings, and art, held the Christ vision for not only the Russian people, but for people all around the world, and is considered among the Ascended Masters, somehow it changed colors as it was shared around the world.

Did you KNOW that colors also are frequencies and affect the way we feel and perceive?

Some of you might be familiar with the powerful universal symbol which is found in ancient art around the world: three dots in a triangle form, sometimes surrounded by a circle.

It can be seen in cave drawings, petrogyphs, in Stone Age and more ancient artifacts.
It can be seen on all continents, in the seal of Tamerlane, in Tibetan, Caucasian, Scandinavian jewelry, and on Byzantine and Roman artifacts. The image of the Strasbourg Madonna is adorned with it.
Roerich used it in many of his paintings and he adapted it to serve as an emblem for the desire of human culture to rise above war. The Banner of Peace flag has been flown globally, as a sign of peace and culture, since the 1930’s. 

And yet…it is written in many ‘official’ texts that 'the banner of Peace is a deep red color to symbolize the color of our one human blood.” Really?

Where did THAT come from? Because… MAGENTA.

Nicholas Roerich depicted the great female deities in such paintings as She Who Leads, Madonna Laboris, The Mother of the World, and the Madonna Oriflamma (the beautiful work at the top of this post) often rendered with majesty in deep tones of blue, violets, and magentas.
And as you can see, in the Madonna Oriflamma as well as many of his other paintings— unless they are color distorted — the symbol is painted in a deep magenta color.

In the Madonna Oriflamma, Woman is depicted as the carrier and defender of the Banner. In this sign and the motto, Pax Cultura, that accompanies it, Roerich’s vision for humanity is symbolized. As he wrote: “Let us be united—you will ask in what way? You will agree with me: in the easiest way, to create a common and sincere language. Perhaps in Beauty and Knowledge.”

Roerich had been proposing an international treaty for the protection of cultural treasures during times of both war and peace since 1914. Finally in 1935, “in consultation with lawyers versed in international law, he drafted a Pact, and suggested that a flag would be flown over all places under its protection. This flag he called the Banner of Peace. The design of the Banner shows three spheres surrounded by a circle, in magenta color on a white background. Of the many national and individual interpretations of this symbol, the most usual are perhaps those of Religion, Art and Science as aspects of Culture, which is the surrounding circle; or of past, present, and future achievements of humanity guarded within the circle of Eternity.” 

So today, I give you --renewed in color correction by inspiration, cooperation, and study of Roerich's works and the Peace Flag that flew at the International Roerich Center at the old the Roerich Himalayan Estate in Kullu valley in India for years -- by a maiden-mother-crone group of priestesses from the International Sisterhood of the Rose: a Truth Flag to fly for the new renaissance of humanity:
THE TRUE PEACE BANNER of Nicholas Roerich.

Perhaps more than any artist of his time,  Nicholas Roerich understood the time of bringing back the Goddess and the harmonization of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine had arrived.
As stated on the official Roerich site (linked above) Helena Roerich’s contribution in the life and work of Nicholas cannot be overestimated. She was an accomplished woman in her own right, a musician, an author, a metaphysician. 'Their union was described as ‘a lifetime collaboration in fields of mutual endeavor. Her philosophy, comprising a living ethic, was shared by Nicholas and motivated him in his work and his life. At some time in their late years an anniversary approached and he wrote in his diary: “Forty years—no less than forty. On such a long voyage, meeting many storms and dangers from without, together we overcame all obstacles. And obstacles turned into possibilities. I dedicated my books to Helena, my wife, friend, traveling companion, inspirer! Each of these concepts was tested in the fire of life. And in Petersburg, Scandinavia, England, America, and in all Asia we worked, we studied, we broadened our consciousness.”

Dear Ones, I wish I could say that it is all going to be smooth sailing now. But the truth is, the final battles are raging. We feel it. There has been a lot of information AND disinformation flying around, and this too was foretold would happen the closer we get to Ascension.
Please use discernment and be aware of the 'news' you spread.

The sad thing is that as my dear friend and sister Laura Eisenhower shared the other day:
'The Astro aspects coming up and how they impact certain individuals are pretty epic and challenging… The collective programming is to stay divided and not go deep -- moving towards Ascension comes with the willingness to override the disconnect.”

I see this programming hitting even long-time Lightworkers in the global community, with conflicts erupting where none need be.
So I offer you this affirmation by my dear friend and sister Laura Eisenhower, a powerful teacher (whose many talks you can find on YouTube) and an amazing astrologer. Laura has just launched her new website: Laura Eisenhower at https://cosmicgaia.org

“I embrace the Divine Masculine and Feminine within myself and within all and our capacity to unite in the face of constant threats and outer turmoil. I am all about balance.”

And to balance with the Divine Masculine, wisdom from Nicholas Roerich’s poem, “About the Eternal:” 

“Brother, let us abandon all that rapidly changes. Otherwise we will not have time to turn our thoughts to that which is changeless for all. To the eternal.”

We ARE ONE my dear Light Family of Awakened and Awakening Beings. 
May your Spirit be strong and may you access all you require to keep it centered, so you may continue to ascend with Earth and her rising Universal vibration.

thank you, til next time, and I LOVE you ALL,

Zeeva Amrita


Laura Walker’s  ORACLE report:
AND be sure to listen to her AUDIO: New Moon in Aries 2018 "Paradise Regained/The Pivotal Year/Winning 2R” Laura Walker

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